Fotografiska öppnar i New York och London

Efter succén i Stockholm så öppnar Fotografiska i New York och London. Med ett franchise koncept kommer Fotografiska öppna portarna internationellt.

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Fotografiskas engelska pressmeddelande:

“New Kid in Town” brings inclusive approach to photography Fotografska to open in New York and London

Now is the time. Fotografiska has selected spectacular locations on Park Avenue in New York and Whitechapel in London to bring their unique art & culture message. Fotografiska New York will open on Park Avenue in the fall of 2018. Fotografiska London is planned to open in Whitechapel in late 2018.

Beyond its core mission of educating its visitors about photography, Fotografiska closely incorporates modern restaurants, educational facilities, artoriented retail, and event spaces as part of the overall concept.

Fotografiska makes both established and cutting-edge photography accessible to the public, and shares its expertise, allowing guests to experience the infinite expressions and meanings of photography. Fotografiska in Stockholm has hosted more than 150 exhibitions to date, including the work of iconic masters such as Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle, Irving Penn, Anton Corbijn, Sarah Moon, Nick Brandt and Andres Serrano, as well as up-and-coming photographers. Now the story will continue in New York and London.

“Based on my own extremely positive experiences with the Stockholm Fotografiska I can honestly say that them expanding into London and New York is going to be an amazing contribution to people there being exposed to a wild variety of photography in a very overwhelming setting. It will be an all encompassing experience.” says Anton Corbijn

These global cities already offer fantastic photography. Fotografiska will open its doors as the inclusive “New Kid in Town” bringing photography to a wider audience. No ordinary museum, Fotografiska is a vibrant international meeting place with inspiring world-class photography exhibitions at its heart and core.

“I don’t want to sound like an informercial for Fotografiska, but it is hard not to. I have been fortunate enough to have had three exhibitions in the amazing space in Stockholm. The passionate and committed Fotografiska team always gets everything right – from the presentation of the exhibitions to the innovative restaurant to the setting. They have made going to see photography such a great experience that they successfully expose a very large new audience to the medium”, tells Nick Brandt.

The franchise concept for Fotografiska’s international expansion combines local “know how” and European entrepreneurial inspiration. In cities and neighborhoods often viewed as exclusive, Fotografiska will continue to operate inclusively. Yoram Roth, Fotografiska International’s lead investor as well as shareholder of Fotografiska New York, is an art-loving businessman and artist from Berlin. “My deep passion for photography is a strong driving force both as a collector and a businessman,” Mr. Roth says. “Now is a fantastic chance to be part of this dream project to globalize Fotografiska.”

“We have been looking for the right New York location for quite a while, and the Park Avenue South space is a great opportunity for us to finally start to change the world in the spirit of Fotografiska,” says Geoffrey Newman, shareholder and project manager of Fotografiska New York.

“Fotografiska has for a long time been searching for suitable facilities in London, one of the world’s most dynamic cities when it comes to photography,” says Tommy Rönngren, chairman and lead investor in Fotografiska London. “Whitechapel, which is one of London’s most dynamic areas, will be a perfect location and a wonderful place to fulfill our vision to inspire a more conscious world.”

Jan and Per Broman are the founders of Fotografiska. “We are extremely proud that Northern Europe’s largest Museum for Photography is located in Stockholm,” explains Jan Broman. “Since we founded Fotografiska in 2010, we realised there were good possibilities to establish Fotografiska in other parts of the world and give them the same opportunity to enjoy the best photography.” Per Broman adds: “After many years of hard work, it is now time to further develop Fotografiska into an organization with true international reach. Great photography communicates across borders and languages.”

One of the key programs throughout the global group is “Fotografiska for Life” which highlights social issues, reportage, and reaches out visually to communities that are too often unheard.

Photography as a means of expression is by its nature accessible, and with today’s technological development increasing numbers of people are able to take photographs themselves, which fosters an interest to learn more, and discover the work of others. “We never create change in a negative direction, always positive. What we do is to touch people and form new perspectives, that can never be a negative development for you as a human being,” Jan Broman explains. “The fact that we are Northern Europe’s most visited meeting place for contemporary art demonstrates the considerable appeal of encountering art in the manner we present it. With our beautiful, open environment where everyone can feel welcome. We offer an exciting alternative both for those accustomed to experiencing art, as well as those who may have felt excluded from more traditional museums. This shows that we are obviously filling a gap.”

Fotografiska’s guests often say that a surprise or chance exposure to new and unexpected photography provided their most meaningful experience. While they may have come to visit a specific exhibition, a completely different exhibition often captures them. Horizons are widened and restrictive bubbles burst.

“Fotografiska constantly strives to contribute to a more conscious world and encourage people to widen their horizons and continue growing and developing,” says Per Broman. “If you can move closer to empathy, if more people feel a little extra empathy then something happens, the world changes. Imagine if everyone was empathetic, we would be able to phase out so much of the inhumanity that is going on now. Fotografiska definitely wants to help create a better world, and we are honoured to pursue that opportunity to do so in both New York and London.”

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